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Medication Class — Glaucoma Medications

Medication Class Description:

The FAA approves the use of most anti-glaucoma agents. An initial evaluation of the condition must be provided to the agency on FAA Form 8500-14 (Evaluation for Glaucoma) to obtain FAA permission to use the medication.  Agents that constrict the pupils, such as pilocarpine, are not approved as they adversely effect night vision. VFS will soon have an article on glaucoma in the VFS Medical Information Center.  Contact AMAS for waiver assistance if you have ocular hypertension or glaucoma requiring medication.

In April of 2013 the FAA modified their policies to allow the Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) to clear the medical for simple open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension if the condition is stable, the age is  40 or older when diagnosed, there is no nerve damage, the condition is not being treated with pilocarpine, atropine, or oral meds, the eye pressure is 23 mm Hg or less, and there are no visual field deficits. 

Medications Within Class: